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Carlisle Technology

Software and Hardware Solutions Designed for the Meat Industry

Carlisle Technology Meat Processing Solutions

我们是 只有 solution provider specifically focused on the Meat Industry!

For over three decades, Carlisle Technology has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge hardware and 拉菲2注册登录 solutions in the United States and Canada for the meat industry. Our extensive experience spans the implementation of robust systems in meat processing plants of varying sizes across North America. Our comprehensive suite of offerings covers meat processing manufacturing 拉菲2注册登录 (MES), meat processing Warehouse Management Software (WMS), and meat traceability 拉菲2注册登录.

Carlisle Technology’s 拉菲2注册登录 拉菲2注册登录 provides 360-degree visibility into your plant-floor production and warehouse inventory. Not 只有 does Carlisle provide industry-proven solutions, we also help maintain the systems that we sell with our expert hardware and 拉菲2注册登录 support teams.

主要的 & Secondary Processing Software

拉菲2注册登录, Carlisle Technology’s versatile plant productivity and traceability 拉菲2注册登录 suite, is specifically designed for the primary meat processing, and secondary meat processing industries. With a modular design, 拉菲2注册登录 expands alongside your needs. Manage production, collect data, and streamline operations with ease. Gain valuable insights into productivity and traceability while ensuring efficient warehouse management. 拉菲2注册登录 offers a comprehensive solution for primary (fresh meat processing) and secondary meat processing (further processing) operations.

重 & Labeling Software for the Meat Industry

毅联汇业 is the industry’s most comprehensive and robust plant floor weighing and labeling solution serving meat processing plants in the United States and Canada. It’s designed to handle virtually any weighing or labeling challenge a food company can throw at it. 毅联汇业 functions as both a standalone application and as a centrally managed data capture solution controlled by Carlisle’s 拉菲2注册登录 可追溯性 Suite.


崎岖的 Plant Floor Hardware

Carlisle Technology provides the toughest hardware, built to survive in the harshest conditions. With over 30 years of plant-floor experience we know what it takes to build and provide equipment that lasts. Partnering with industry leaders Carlisle Technology provides full turn-key solutions consisting of hardware, 拉菲2注册登录, and long-term support services.

Tell us about your p工程”!

Are you looking to streamline your business operations and achieve your plant-floor traceability goals? Look no further than Carlisle Technology! Our experienced team can help you to identify your p工程” that meets your unique needs and sets you up for success.

Take the first step towards transforming your business today.

We wrote the book on 可追溯性

With over to 30 years’ experience implementing innovative traceability solutions on to the plant floor, Carlisle Technology has the tools and the know-how to accurately automate the critical data collection within your production processes. Our meat traceability 拉菲2注册登录 allows you to quickly reproduce that data into meaningful recall reports to satisfy even the most demanding traceability requirements.

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